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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the industry supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as set-top box, DVD player, A/V receiver and audio/video monitors, such as digital television (DTV,HDTV) or plasma Monitor.
HDMI is small, user-friendly interconnect that provides up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth to support high-definition video plus multichannel audio in single cable. HDMI eliminates the cost, complexity and confusion of multiple cables used to connect current audio/video system.

Features & Benefits:
HDMI Cable, Adaptor and Gender Changer
Male/Male HDMI Cable Assembly Black Color
HDMI Cable 26 AWG
HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet 24 AWG CL2
High Speed HDMI w/ Ethernet 28 AWG
Part No. Length 10HM-01124V4-35 35 ft. Part No. Length
10HM-02126-05 5 meters 10HM-01124V4-50 50 ft. 10HM-C28V4-03FT 3 ft.
HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet 26 AWG CL2
10HM-01124V4-65 65 ft. 10HM-C28V4-06FT 6 ft.
10HM-01126V4-30 30 ft.     10HM-C28V4-10FT 10 ft.
10HM-01126V4-40 40 ft.     10HM-C28V4-15FT 15 ft.
10HM-01126V4-50 50 ft.   10HM-128V4-25FT 25 ft.
HDMI Extension Cable w/ Ethernet 24AWG
HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable, Black Color HDMI to DVI Cable Assembly
Part No. Length Male/Male, High Speed w/ Ethernet Male/Male, Black Color
10HM-01224V4-03 3 ft. Part No. Length Part No. Length
10HM-01224V4-06 6 ft. 10HM-34130-03 3 ft. 10HM-15128-01 1 meter
10HM-01224V4-10 10 ft. 10HM-34130-06 6 ft. 10HM-15128-02 2 meters
10HM-01224V4-15 15 ft. 10HM-34130-10 10 ft. 10HM-15128-03 3 meters
10HM-01224V4-25 25 ft. 10HM-34130-15 15 ft. 10HM-15128-05 5 meters
10HM-01224V4-35 35 ft.     10HM-15128-25FT 25 ft.
CMP HDMI Cable Panel Mount HDMI Cable with Ethernet  
Male/Male, w/ Ethernet Male/Female, Black Color  
Part No. Length Part No. Length    
10HM-PL124V4-25 25 ft. 10HM-PM228V4-01 1 ft.    
10HM-PL124V4-35 35 ft. 10HM-PM228V4-03 3 ft.    
10HM-PL124V4-50 50 ft. 10HM-PM228V4-06 6 ft.    
    10HM-PM228V4-10 10 ft.    
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable, 34 AWG CMP Ethernet HDMI Cable  
Male/Male, Black Color, w/ Ethernet Male/Male, w/ Repeater  
Part No. Length Part No. Length  
10HM-AD134-01 1 ft. 10HM-PL24V4-75R 75 ft.  
10HM-AD134-02 2 ft. 10HM-PL24V4-HDR 100 ft.  
10HM-AD134-03 3 ft.      
10HM-AD134-06 6 ft.      
10HM-AD134-10 10 ft.    
10HM-AD134-15 15 ft.    
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HDMI Female/DVI Male HDMI Male/DVI Female Slim HDMI 36G w/ Redmere Chip
HDMI Adaptor HDMI Adaptor Part No. Length
Part No. 30HM-15328-A Part No. 30HM-15228-A 10HM-S36V4-03FT 3 ft.
    10HM-S36V4-06FT 6 ft.
    10HM-S36V4-10FT 10 ft.
    10HM-S36V4-15FT 15 ft.
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HDMI Female/DVI Male HDMI Male/DVI Female HDMI Female/HDMI Female
HDMI Adaptor HDMI Adaptor HDMI Active Extender
Part No. 30HM-15328-MO Part No. 30HM-15228-MO Part No. 30HM-604EQ-BK
HDMI Male/HDMI Male HDMI Male/HDMI Female  
HDMI Gender Changer HDMI Gender Changer  
Part No. 30HM-01100 Part No. 30HM-01200  
HDMI Male/HDMI Female HDMI Female/HDMI Female HDMI Male/HDMI Female
Adapter - Swivel Type Adapter - Swivel Type Adapter - 360 Swivel Type
Part No. 30HM-02200-SW Part No. 30HM-02400-SW Part No. 30HM-02200-360
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HDMI Female/HDMI Female HDMI Female/Micro HDMI Male HDMI A Male to VGA Female (Flat)
HDMI Gender Changer HDMI Adapter 8 inch.
Part No. 30HM-01400 Part No. 30HM-AD300-BK Part No. 30HM-VGA201
HDMI Male/Female HDMI Male/Female Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female
90 Degree Adapter 270 Degree Adapter Part No. 30HM-AC300
Part No. 30HM-31200-90 Part No. 30HM-31200-270  
HDMI Male to Mini HDMI Female HDMI Female Dust Cover  
Part No.30HM-AC200 50 pcs/bag  
  Part No. 68IT-HDMI-BK-50  
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HDMI Male to Female HDMI Male to Female Micro USB Male to HDMI Female
Vertical Flat 90 Degree Adapter Vertical Flat 270 Degree Adapter MHL Adapter
Part No. 30HM-VF200-90 Part No. 30HM-VF200-270 Part No. 30U2-M8320
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HDMI Splitter 1x2 Pigtail Type HDMI Wall Plate 1 Port HDMI Wall Plate 2 Port
Part No. 10HM-12202-Y 8" Cable 8" Cable
  Part No. 68PL-HM1-PT Part No. 68PL-HM2-PT
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HDMI Wallplate HDMI Female/HDMI Female HDMI Female/HDMI Female
HDMI 1 Port 90 Degree / RCA 3x (RGB) HDMI Inline Coupler HDMI Inline Coupler Keystone Jack
Part No. 68PL-HM4-RRGB Part No. 68IL-05-HDMI-WH Part No. 68IL-05-HDMI-A
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HDMI Wallplate HDMI Wallplate HDMI Wallplate F Connector
HDMI 1 Port HDMI 2 Port HDMI 1 Port
Part No. 68PL-HM1 Part No. 68PL-HM2 Part No. 68PL-HM2-F
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HDMI Wallplate Part No. 68PL-HM451-WH HDMI Female/HDMI Female
Input: 1 HDMI Female/RJ45 2x Output: 1 HDMI Female/RJ45 2x HDMI Repeater (Equalizer)
    Part No. 41HM-R45A1

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